Dr. Rakesh

Dr. Rakesh Samal received his PhD in Biotechnology from Swami Vivekananda University, India. He has 8 years of experience in the field of Embryology. He is well trained in CASA (Computer assisted sperm analysis), sperm washing techniques, ICSI, handling of oocyte, preparation of sperm from PESA,TESA & MICRO TESE followed by ICSI, In vitro fertilization techniques, embryo transfer, laser hatching technique (PZD). His experience as a clinical/senior embryologist at multiple IVF facilities/hospitals could be demonstrated by about 2500 ICSI, 3000 vitrification and thawing procedures, 3000 embyo transfers performed by him. His expertise in the field helps him in handle complicated cases such as low fertilization rate, less egg maturity, lower rate of blastocyst formation, weak ZP, complicated & Advanced ICSI (P ICSI) and embryo biopsy for PGD & PGS

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