A self-motivated, energetic and proactive leader with experience of 17 years in Life Science industry working on Molecular Biology Techniques. Completed training in Forensic Genetics and DNA Database Technology at University of North Texas Health Science Center - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and possess Master’s Degree in Applied Microbiology; previously associated with Life Technologies (Invitrogen Bioservices India Pvt. Ltd) as Technical Support Lead, South Asia, where she has been handling the custom service laboratory of International Standards for the past 13 years and heading a team of scientists. She has been actively involved and led projects like Genome studies using NGS, SNP Genotyping and Microsatellite Analysis, Breast Cancer, Schizophrenia, Forensic Genetics besides getting National and International accreditations for the laboratory. She has publications in various peer reviewed journals. Her forte is customer relationship management and is adept in overseeing operational functions to meet challenging needs and upholding high standards.

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